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Navigate industrial, retail, office and land real estate for sale with a dependable and knowledgeable professional. Cord Spero, former olympic coach, is your trusted realtor for finding commercial and residential properties in Grande Prairie.

Industrial Real Estate

Finding a small or large industrial property for your business means knowing how to search for a space that’s both efficient and accessible for your type of work—now, and ten years down the road. Let’s find that right space.

Industrial Real Estate

Retail Real Estate

Retail property must focus on more than the functionality of the space. A good retail property will set the business inside up for success if the space also prioritizes accessibility, traffic rate, aesthetic and potential for growth as well. Your business needs the perfect space to flourish—let’s get looking.

Retail Real Estate

Office Real Estate

A mindful workspace that allows for productive flow shouldn’t be a myth. Give your business the space to work smoothly in an office that fits your team and considers the growth of your business. The right fit is out there—let’s find it together.

Office Space

Bare Land Real Estate

A bare property is more than an empty space: there’s a lot beneath the surface (literally and figuratively) that can make all the difference. Zoning restrictions and commercial accessibility are just two factors that tend to trip up unsuspecting purchasers. Before you invest in a piece of land, get a professional to help you make sure it’s right for you.

Bare Land & Lots

About Cord Spero

I love what I do because with every client looking for commercial real estate, I get to learn a new business model. Finding the right commercial property fit means knowing your business’s potential for growth, target market and passion. Being a great realtor isn’t about stretching a budget: it’s about finding the perfect efficient space for you.

About Cord

Realty Resources, FAQ and Blog

Finding the right property is a big job, but you don’t have to do it alone. Check out my resources page, frequently asked realty questions and recent blogs to get insights on buying real estate in the Peace Region.

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